sherief abu-moustafa restore mental health

In a career spanning over three decades, Sherief Moustafa has dedicated his professional journey to advancing excellence in behavioral healthcare. As the visionary, founder, he has achieved national recognition as a true innovator in the field. In 2010, Sherief’s unwavering dedication and leadership in rehabilitation services earned him a coveted place in the distinguished, worldwide Cambridge “Who’s Who”.

Mr. Moustafa’s commitment to delivering innovative and affordable, high-quality behavioral health services began during his tenure in nursing at prestigious Harvard-affiliated training hospitals. During this time, Mr. Moustafa experienced the value of training the next generation of healthcare professionals in the latest best practices. That early experience instilled in him a profound understanding of the importance of accessible and compassionate healthcare. It also revealed the pivotal role that clinical mentors and applied clinical training play in shaping the next generation of providers. Mr. Moustafa has established academic affiliations with major universities around the United States to train healthcare professionals ranging from Psychiatric Residents, to nursing students and clinical therapists in both Baccalaureate and Master’s programs.

Mr. Moustafa’s accomplishments reflect an individual whose emphasis on spiritual and professional growth drives his ambitious spirit. Alongside his career in nursing, Sherief developed passions for both real estate speculation and entrepreneurship. The culmination of his diverse experiences led to the establishment the Restore Mental Health program. Mr. Moustafa is widely acknowledged as an expert in clinical operations, growth-oriented investment strategy, business development, multi-location facility management, and the design of functional and elegant healthcare facilities.

Beyond his role in establishing Restore Mental Health program, Sherief Moustafa is a devoted philanthropist and dedicated community leader. His generosity and attentiveness to the needs of the community has transformed the lives of thousands through individual treatment scholarships and educational services, benefiting both families and organizations alike. His fearless and emotionally intelligent leadership style has not only inspired countless others but has also resulted in consecutive annual awards for his organizations

Mr. Moustafa attributes his remarkable success to his unwavering faith in God and his steadfast commitment to following his calling. His relentless pursuit of excellence, philanthropic spirit, and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals and communities are defining marks of his legacy.