Inpatient Mental Health Care

Taking care of your mental health is important. Even people who are in good physical condition need to ensure they’re taking care of their mental health. The team at Restore is here to help you by developing a personalized treatment plan specifically for your needs.

Many individuals who are dealing with a mental health challenge will need inpatient care. This enables them to work closely with professionals who can help them. It also allows them to focus on their program without having to concern themselves with other things.

What Is Residential Psychiatric Care?

Inpatient mental health treatment begins with understanding your unique needs. During this time, we work closely with you to help you find the stability you need with your mental health. Many conditions can lead to patients feeling hopeless, confused, angry or shocked. Some people try to numb those feelings with substances, which can lead to even more trauma.

Life in a residential psychiatric care facility is stable and safe. Everyone here has goals they want to meet to better themselves. Our program is set up to help each person meet those goals without overwhelming them. We work to give you the tools you need to handle things in a productive manner.

Since you live at the facility as an inpatient, you have constant support. Our staff members work hard to ensure everyone has the things they need. We help with mental health issues as well as medical challenges so you can feel better all around.

What Can You Expect with an Inpatient Mental Health Program?

We don’t want our residents to have to worry about anything except healing from their mental health condition. We have everything you need right here when you start your program. Most people work through our program in 21 to 90 days, but there are some situations in which people need some extra time.

You’ll go through individual therapy to help you with the deeper matters you might not want to discuss with your peers. We have specialty group sessions so you can connect with people who are going through similar situations. We also offer group therapy that helps everyone learn how others are handling things and provides ample peer support. We even have family therapy so your family can learn what’s going on and how they can support your recovery.

Your physical health is directly tied to your mental health. We offer yoga and fitness options to help you get in shape or stay in shape. We have spiritual workshops and meditation as well as acupuncture and massage therapy. Neuro-rehabilitative services are also available to help provide comprehensive assistance for our residents.

Our program also includes meals and snacks so you can give your body the fuel it needs to function properly. We want you to be able to focus solely on meeting your mental health goals while you’re with us.

How Does the Program Address Dual Diagnosis?

People who come to us with a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition and a substance abuse disorder can go through detox right here. We work to address the substance abuse with you since that’s tied to the mental health challenges. Treating one diagnosis won’t help you much if the other isn’t also taken care of. We prioritize creating a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

Our intensive inpatient program is designed to address a dual diagnosis without overwhelming the participant. We can even provide you with a medication treatment option if that’s what you need to help you while you’re here. The close supervision we offer means we can adjust things as necessary so you get the most help possible.

What Are the Benefits of Residential Psychiatric Care?

Residential psychiatric care enables you to focus on yourself while getting the support you need. Living a safe, sober life is one of the most important benefits of an inpatient program. Our medical team is right here with you each step of the way to ensure you’re receiving the care that can help you get better.

You live in a semi-private housing facility that’s set up for comfort while you’re going through the treatment program. In your free time, you can enjoy relaxing or taking part in some of the activities we have set up for our residents. These provide an opportunity to enjoy the peace and socialize with others who are also working on their self-improvement.

How Is the Transition to Outpatient Care Handled?

The structured environment of an inpatient mental health facility makes is easy to stay on track, but our team understands that most people need help to transition to the freedom that comes with leaving the facility. We give you the tools that can help you deal with real-world challenges.

Our care management and discharge planning services work closely with people who are leaving our facility. You’ll have the same team, including therapists and case managers, to work with when you’re in the outpatient program. We remain by your side as you work to live the life you deserve.

Start Your Journey to Better Mental Health

While some people are able to make adjustments in their life to cope with their mental health challenges, many people need help to get back to where they need to be. There are usually underlying things that need to be addressed before you can truly reclaim your life. The team at Restore is here to work with you to take charge of your mental health.

Contact us at (855) 693-9382 when you’re ready to commit to getting the help you need. We’ll evaluate you to make a diagnosis and set up a treatment plan designed to meet your unique needs. We know that nobody should have to handle mental health challenges alone. We’ll discuss your needs and help you understand how our program can help you, and you can ask us any questions you have during your consultation.