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How Body Dysmorphia Affects Medical and Mental Health

Body Dysmorphia - Mental Health and Addiction

With the rise of social media, one of the health conditions that has become more common is body dysmorphia. This disorder can put people on a downward spiral, leading to changes in their habits that can make them physically and mentally ill. While social media and body dysmorphia are sometimes linked, remember that this condition […]

How to Raise Kids Who Are Good at Getting Angry

How to raise kids who are good at getting angry

When you have kids, you quickly discover that meltdowns and tantrums are inevitable. Childhood anger can be stressful — both for you and your child — so it’s important to find healthy regulation strategies. After all, the lessons we learn as children follow us into our adult lives. By starting early, you can set your […]

How Heat Waves Are Affecting Mental Health

How heat waves are affecting mental health

The summer is a time when people love to get outdoors, but it’s also a season when temperatures can soar. With greenhouse gasses causing an increase in temperatures year over year and more hot days happening annually, it’s important for people to understand how they could be affected by higher temperatures and what to do […]

The Problem with Casually Using Mental Health Terms

The problem with casual mental health use

It happens all the time — someone feels anxious, and they describe the feeling as having a panic attack. Maybe they’re having difficulty concentrating and they say, “I’m so ADHD.” In most cases, people aren’t being malicious: they’re simply trying to express their feelings. Even so, casually using words related to mental health can have […]

Growing Up with a Parent Who Has Anxiety

Growing up with a parent with anxiety

Being raised by a parent with anxiety disorder can be difficult. Anxiety is often characterized by constriction, preventing people from living fully and freely or always imagining the worst-case scenario. As a child, you may have experienced a lot of confusion for getting in trouble for something that seemed harmless or being the recipient of […]

How Natural Disasters Can Cause Trauma

How natural disasters can cause trauma

After Hurricane Ian hit Florida in September 2022, more than 80,000 properties were affected by flooding, leaving many residents without a home. This natural disaster is one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States in recent years, and many communities are still dealing with the destruction months later. While the physical effects […]

Most Common Fears of Being Hospitalized for a Mental Illness

Most common fears about mental health hospitalization

No one knows you like you know yourself. When you’re struggling, sometimes your friends notice and intervene to suggest you need help. Other times, you cover up your struggles so well that only you know you need help. If you think you are in danger and can benefit from hospitalization, it’s important to seek professional […]

Can You Go to Rehab For Schizophrenia?

Can you go to rehab for schizophrenia

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that between 0.6% and 1.9% of people in the United States have schizophrenia. This complex mental health condition is characterized by disordered thought patterns, hallucinations, delusions and other symptoms impacting a person’s ability to function. Treatment centers for schizophrenia can assist people who have this diagnosis. Unfortunately, few […]

The Revealing Link Between Anxiety and Depression

The revealing link between anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety each come with their own set of symptoms and challenges. But despite depression being associated with a low-energy state and anxiety with a high-energy state, both can co-occur and cause a vicious cause-and-effect cycle of ups and downs. For example, have you ever experienced lingering feelings of hopelessness coupled with an overwhelming […]

What Does Lack of Empathy Say About Your Mental Health?

What does a lack of empathy say about mental health

Updated October 3, 2023 The ability to relate to someone else’s experiences, challenges and achievements is a vital part of building strong social connections. Whether you’re frustrated by a friend or family member who can’t seem to consider perspectives outside of their own, or you’re asking difficult questions such as, “Why don’t I feel empathy,” […]