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Taking Care of Aging Parents — and Mental Health

Caring for Aging Parents and Mental Health

Taking care of aging parents can be rewarding and frustrating. For many, it becomes almost a full-time job when they’re parenting aging parents. What often gets overlooked is the mental health of the caregiver. Estimates of family caregivers range from 48 to 53 million people. The average duration of caregiving is about 4.5 years, and some […]

Braces, Dental Work, and Your Mental Health

Braces, Dental Work and your Mental Health

Braces can have a life-changing impact. After all, resolving dental issues can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and significantly boost their self-image and confidence. However, wearing braces can also have a negative effect on mental health, especially in adults. The problem doesn’t stop at braces either. A variety of orthodontic equipment can have the […]

How to Vet a Teletherapy Company

How to vet a teletherapy company

Teletherapy opens a world of mental health resources for many people, providing access to services that may otherwise be out of reach due to someone’s schedule, geographic location, functional abilities or financial resources. While many companies have cropped up in recent years to meet the increased need for flexible mental health care solutions, not all […]

How Drugs and Alcohol Can Increase the Risks of Cancer

How Drugs and Alcohol can increase risk of cancer

When cells begin dividing rapidly and uncontrollably, they may form tissue masses called tumors. This abnormal cell growth usually comes from genetic mutations that regulate cellular reproduction and death. Tumors can be harmless (benign) or malignant (cancerous). Who develops an increased risk of cancer depends primarily on that person’s lifestyle choices, severity of exposure to […]

Patton Oswalt: Hard Lessons in Grief and Mental Health

Patton Oswalt - Experiencing Grief and Mental Health

In 2016, the actor Patton Oswalt lost his wife of 11 years. In the months and years that followed, Oswalt was open about his experience with loss and grief, creating opportunities for conversations about what it means to mourn. Introduction: Overview of Patton Oswalt’s Career and Public Persona Best known for his roles in The […]

Future Trends in Teletherapy: Innovations and Evolving Practices

Trends in Teletherapy

As long as the demand for teletherapy continues to rapidly grow, there will be more innovation in the various technologies that enable virtual mental health services. Here, we’ll take a look at future trends in online therapy and how advances like AI could play a role. Growing Popularity of Teletherapy Everyone wants convenience. This extends […]