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The Intriguing Link Between Depression and Memory

Link between memory and depression

Depression can be a debilitating illness that affects different areas of your life. One often-overlooked aspect of depression is its impact on memory. Can depression cause memory loss? It can be difficult to quantify and measure the effects of depression on memory, but there’s evidence to suggest a link between the two. Recalling memories is […]

When to End a Friendship for the Sake of Your Mental Health

When to end a friendship for your mental health

From lending a helping hand when moving to a new place to gushing over the latest drama at brunch, good friendships can fulfill all kinds of needs in our lives. Cultivating healthy friendships takes work, but having a dedicated crew to support you has numerous advantages. So, what happens when a friendship turns toxic and […]

When Counting Calories Becomes an Obsession

Whe counting calories becomes an obsession

Most people have considered counting calories at some point in their adult lives. You might’ve focused on your calorie intake leading up to a significant life event, like a wedding or vacation, or simply felt the pressure to watch your weight as the summer months and swimsuit season approached. There are plenty of apps available […]