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The Importance of Case Management for Better Mental Health

The Importance of Case Management for Better Mental Health

Mental health in America is in crisis. Millions of individuals live with mental illnesses. Many of these same individuals could benefit from treatment in an inpatient setting, including case management. In the sections that follow, we’ take a look at this important feature of treatment and explore what makes it a life-saving pathway to better […]

CBT for Chronic Pain? How Therapy Helps

CBT for Chronic Pain? How Therapy Helps

According to the CDC, an estimated 51.6 million people in the United States experienced chronic pain in 2021. That’s no small number, and it’s no small problem. Chronic pain can be debilitating for those who experience it, affecting their ability to work, maintain relationships and enjoy life the way they deserve. Fortunately, there are viable […]

The Family’s Role in Supporting Recovery from Addiction

The Family's Role in Supporting Recovery from Addiction

Watching a loved one struggling with addiction can be incredibly difficult for their family. For the families of some 46% of American adults — with just over a fifth of those people dealing with the combined effects of alcohol and drugs — it’s common to feel frustration and a sense of hopelessness. Substance abuse disorder […]

What “Neurodivergent” and “Neurotypical” Mean

What "Neurodivergent" and "Neurotypical" Mean

Everyone’s brain has its strengths and weaknesses. Some have stronger memories, while others can concentrate for longer periods. The neurodiversity theory acknowledges that while everyone thinks differently, some people have unique thought patterns that others mislabel as a disability or disease. Contrary to social stigmas, neurodivergent people are just as capable as others. Their brains […]

Can You Go to Rehab for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Can You go to rehab for ocd?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common, chronic disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, repetitive thoughts or behaviors. Often, the person has lived with this condition for a while and does not remember life before it, so they aren’t necessarily aware they even have OCD. And yet, treatment for OCD is essential to lessen the […]

Most Common Fears of Being Hospitalized for a Mental Illness

Most common fears about mental health hospitalization

No one knows you like you know yourself. When you’re struggling, sometimes your friends notice and intervene to suggest you need help. Other times, you cover up your struggles so well that only you know you need help. If you think you are in danger and can benefit from hospitalization, it’s important to seek professional […]

Can You Go to Rehab for a Personality Disorder?

Can you go to rehab for a personality disorder

Everyone experiences conflicting emotions or volatile mood swings they can’t rationally explain. They may be caused by major life changes, hormones in the body or difficulties at school or work. Human emotions are complex, it can be hard to tell whether these feelings are temporary or a sign of a larger mental health problem. If […]