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Can Teletherapists Prescribe Medication?

Can Teletherapists Prescirbe

Growing numbers of people are turning to online therapy for help with mental health issues like anxiety or depression. In that process, one common question that comes up is whether teletherapists can prescribe medication. We’ll explore this and other related questions, starting with what a teletherapist does…. What Is a Teletherapist? Teletherapists are like traditional […]

Future Trends in Teletherapy: Innovations and Evolving Practices

Trends in Teletherapy

As long as the demand for teletherapy continues to rapidly grow, there will be more innovation in the various technologies that enable virtual mental health services. Here, we’ll take a look at future trends in online therapy and how advances like AI could play a role. Growing Popularity of Teletherapy Everyone wants convenience. This extends […]

7 Resources for Getting Connected and Combating Loneliness

How to get connected and face loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic in its own right, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it reached all-time high levels. While the rates of reported loneliness have subsided with the removal of mandated social distancing and lockdowns, 24% of adults under the age of 30 and 27% of lower-income households still report experiencing frequent loneliness, according to […]

Teletherapy for Couples: Strengthening Relationships Remotely

Teletherapy for Couples - Strengthening Relationships

Couples today face many relationship challenges. Teletherapy offers a convenient way to address these issues while strengthening their relationship…. The Teletherapy Boom: The Rise of Online Counseling Online counseling has dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. The most significant increase occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person counseling was drastically curtailed or nonexistent. Since […]

The Most Common Issues Women Bring Up in Therapy

Women face many societal pressures and expectations. On one hand, women receive the message that they must enter the workforce and thrive within it. On the other, they must also be a good mother who’s available to her children and a good wife. When it feels like society expects perfection, but perfection feels unattainable, that […]

Teletherapy for Specific Mental Health Conditions: A Deep Dive

Can teletherapy help with specific mental health disorders

Telehealth services have become increasingly popular in recent years, with nearly four in 10 Americans reporting that they’ve met with mental or medical health care professionals virtually. Additionally, of those with experience in using telehealth services, more than half said they would use telehealth services for mental health care, and about a third said that […]

How to Embrace Zoom Meetings as Social Opportunities

Socializing on Zoom Meetings

Video or Zoom calls are now a core feature of the business world. Some of us vastly prefer these meetings to the traditional, in-person ones, while others of us find them annoying. Whatever your stance may be, there is no denying that Zoom meetings are here to stay, thanks to recent global events and massive […]