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What Are Egosyntonic and Egodyntonic Behaviors?

Egosyntonic vs Egodyntonic -what do they mean

If you’re suffering from substance abuse, the difference between your past and present selves may shock you. Thinking of your life before addiction raises questions — mainly, what changed? The answer lies in a simple shift between syntonic vs. dystonic behaviors. While taking a few extra drinks or doses during the week might seem like […]

Are There Differences Between Bipolar and Major Depression?

Bipolar and depression - difference

The depressive phase of bipolar disorder is so similar to major depression that the former is sometimes misdiagnosed as the latter. If you, a friend or a family member has been feeling down for longer than usual, it helps to know the signs of a deeper underlying mental health condition. Additionally, understanding the differences between […]

Adjustment Disorder vs. Depression: What Differences to Look for

Adjustment Disorder vs Depression

Everyone faces a major life event at some point, whether it’s moving to a different state, starting a new job or losing a loved one. It’s normal to feel stressed or upset about life changes, but experiencing extreme stress that interferes with your everyday routine may indicate a larger problem. An adjustment disorder is a […]

15 Natural Highs to Experience

How to experience natural highs

Getting high doesn’t have to involve consuming alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse and addiction can destroy lives, but there are alternatives and help available. Read on to explore natural highs with positive effects on mind, body and spirit. What is a High? A high is a pleasurable feeling associated with the neurotransmitter dopamine, which causes […]

Common Depression Triggers to Look for and Manage

Common depression triggers to look for

Approximately 1 in 10 adults in the United States struggled with a depressive episode each year. While some deal with depression on a long-term basis, others are affected by depression triggers that can stem from past events, traumas, illness and other conditions. Understanding and identifying these triggers can make it much easier to manage these […]

What to Expect After Being Diagnosed with a Personality Disorder

What after personality disorder diagnosis

Around 9% of American adults have been diagnosed with a personality disorder. If you’ve recently found yourself among them, you may be asking yourself, “I have a personality disorder, now what?” While receiving this diagnosis can feel overwhelming, the good news is you’re far from alone, and there is help available. Today, we’ll talk about […]

Self-Help Tips for Managing Depression

Self Help tips for managing depression

Depression is a serious mental health condition that can often feel overwhelming. Luckily, it’s a highly treatable disease. And it’s imperative to seek treatment, as depression can often worsen if a person doesn’t address it. Wondering how to get out of depression? The most effective treatment for depression is therapy and medication. In addition to […]

What to Expect After Being Diagnosed with PTSD

What after ptsd diagnosis

After your diagnosis, you may ask, “I have PTSD. Now what?” Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that causes distressing symptoms after a traumatic event. People can develop PTSD from a single incident, such as physical assault, or repeated trauma that occurred for weeks, months or years. Anyone can suffer from PTSD regardless of […]

What Is Oxytocin Spray and Does It Work?

What is oxytocin spray and does it work

Oxytocin has been used to assist or treat a wide variety of conditions, ranging from labor and delivery to anxiety, autism, obesity and more. Today, it’s available in an entirely new format: nasal spray. Oxytocin nasal spray is a relatively recent option, but has already shown promise in treating a number of conditions. If you’re […]