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The Importance of a Self-Help Plan for Mental Health

The Importance of a Self-Help Plan for Mental Health

About one of every five Americans has a mental illness. Over a lifetime, nearly 50 percent will be diagnosed with one of the types of anxiety disorders. Having a self-help plan can provide access to the benefits of self-care. Introduction to the Many Benefits of Self-Care With so many people experiencing mental illness and the […]

Psychiatric Meds in Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Psychiatric Meds in Pregnancy - What to Know

For nine months, the pregnant body surges with hormones meant to support the health of the mother and the developing fetus. These special hormones also cause many women to experience strong emotional ups and downs that impact their ability to care for themselves and their babies adequately. When this happens, OB/GYNs may prescribe antidepressants or […]

Paranoia and Conspiracy Thinking – What’s the Link to Schizophrenia?

Paranoia and Conspiracy Thinking - What's the Link to Schizophrenia?

Conspiracy theories seem to be in abundance these days, whether they’re coming at us through books, podcasts, social media or friends and family members. In an age when misinformation spreads like wildfire, everyone seems to know someone who’s bought into unconventional ideas regarding the shape of the earth, the moon landing, vaccines, terrorist attacks, political […]

Family Secrets: Addiction and Related Stigma

Addiction and related Stigmas

It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one struggle to control their drug or alcohol use. While the descent toward addiction can be rapid, its effects tend to be devastating and lasting. Such grave consequences can be shocking and humiliating, making addiction one of the best-kept secrets in many families. However, addiction doesn’t just affect the […]

What Is “Toxic Shame”?

What Is "Toxic Shame"?

Toxic shame is an enveloping feeling of worthlessness that results from internalizing the way other people treat you. It’s different from regular shame. Rather than being situational and based on regretting specific actions or behaviors, it’s pervasive and all-encompassing. It often develops during your formative years, when you’re most vulnerable to criticism and other negative […]

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Of the many mental tools available for ensuring a happy, healthy lifestyle, your mindset is arguably the most important. That’s why negativity bias can be so devastating. In short, the “mental tone” you adopt when absorbing information and planning will affect your desired outcome. Here’s how to spot and avoid one of the most common […]

The Power of Mental Health Labels to Help/Hurt

The Power of Mental Health Labels to Help/Hurt

Labels are a significant part of daily life and often used as an organizational method. For example, you may label your spice jars in the kitchen to avoid surprises when cooking. However, applying labels to people can have mixed results. Being assigned a label can feel like a judgment on your character or personality. Even […]

Growing Up with a Parent’s Bipolar Disorder

Growing Up with a Parent's Bipolar Disorder

Roughly 5.7 million adults in America are currently experiencing bipolar disorder, many of whom are parents. Having bipolar parents at any age can be incredibly challenging and stressful, especially if their condition is undiagnosed and untreated. Of course, young children arguably suffer the most as they don’t yet have the capacity to understand what mental […]