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How to Remove Character Defects

How to remove character defects

Since its genesis by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s, the 12-step program remains one of the most widespread and effective alcohol and drug abuse interventions. As you go through the program, you’ll encounter the fourth step, which requests you to conduct an honest life evaluation to see how your character defects hinder your recovery journey. […]

Mental Health Awareness: What Initiatives Like “988” Do

What do initiatives like MH awareness do

Mental illness can be a touchy subject. It’s difficult for some to talk about, let alone get treatment for. However, that’s beginning to change. We’re seeing more discussions on prevention and support and less judgment. Movements like Mental Health Awareness Month aim to provide information about and reduce the stigma of mental illness. The number […]

When to End a Friendship for the Sake of Your Mental Health

When to end a friendship for your mental health

From lending a helping hand when moving to a new place to gushing over the latest drama at brunch, good friendships can fulfill all kinds of needs in our lives. Cultivating healthy friendships takes work, but having a dedicated crew to support you has numerous advantages. So, what happens when a friendship turns toxic and […]

The Critical Importance of Sleep for Mental Health

The critical importance of mental health

When you’re working on your mental health, sleep can be a big part of your overall recovery plan. There’s often a connection between anxiety, depression, ADHD and sleep — and when you’re dealing with a mental health condition, getting adequate rest is essential.  A lack of sleep can also create a cycle of mental health […]

5 Tips for Active Listening in a Mental Health Crisis

Active Listening Tips

Empathy and mental health are closely linked. Without the ability to understand others, you’re not as well-equipped to help someone who’s experiencing things you’re unable to relate with. By learning and practicing some active listening techniques, you have a much better chance of guiding someone who’s in a mental health crisis toward the help they […]

The Mental Health Impact of a Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Self-esteem — people try to raise it, some experiences lower it, books are written about it and therapists spend hours discussing it. It pervades many parts of life and connects to self-perception. Increasingly, people turn to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures to build their self-esteem. The opposite can happen, though. The negative effects of […]