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Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder

Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder - What is it

Most children are at least somewhat cautious with adults they don’t know. However, children can sometimes act overly familiar and over-friendly around people they don’t know, even completely lacking any wariness around strangers. This could be the result of a unique attachment disorder called disinhibited social engagement disorder (DSED). Kids with DSED aren’t afraid of […]

How to Conquer a Fear of Social Situations

Conquering Fears of Social Situations

Humans are social creatures; we automatically mirror each other’s mannerisms and emotions and even brain activity during interactions, and numerous studies show correlations between happiness and social connectedness. While not everyone needs or desires the same level of socialization, it remains a key component for life satisfaction. It’s not unusual to feel uneasy about new […]

Self-Harm: Understanding and Overcoming the Struggle

Understanding Self-Harm and the struggles it brings

Trigger Warning: The topic of this article may be triggering for some readers. Caution is advised. Stories about individuals inflicting harm on themselves may be difficult to hear. But these occurrences are both a cry for help and a reminder that much more must be done to increase self-harm awareness and how people can help […]

How to Conquer a Fear of Heights

Conquering a fear of heights

Fear plays a critical role when it comes to our survival, motivating us to maintain a safe environment and minimize exposure to threats. While a certain dose of fear is healthy and beneficial, occasionally, this emotional response kicks into overdrive and becomes disruptive. In general, the more control over our environment we have, the safer […]

Do I Have a Panic Disorder?

Do I Have Panic Disorder

Anxiety and panic disorders are common in this country. The following insights into panic disorders are for informational purposes only. If severe anxiety and panic is negatively impacting your quality of life and you suspect you may have a panic disorder, consult a licensed mental health professional. Understanding Panic Disorder: Signs and Symptoms When a […]

Hypercritical Personality Disorder

Hypercritical Personality Disorder

Hypercritical personality types may not receive as much attention as they should. Yet, hypercritical personality disorders are very evident in today’s society and appear to be on the rise. Hypercritical Personality Disorder: Unpacking the Term An analysis of the word “hypercritical” shows how the two words, “hyper” and “critical,” are essential elements of the definition […]

Long Covid Impacts on Mental Health

Long Covid impacts on Mental Health (Quality of Life)

Long COVID (post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), refers to a variety of often debilitating symptoms that persist for weeks or months after a person recovers from a COVID infection. Long COVID involves both physical and psychological symptoms that affect people differently. For some, symptoms are mild and manageable. For others, symptoms are so severe […]

Understanding the Signs of Chronic Stress

Signs of Chronic Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life in modern society. From long checkout lines to bumper-to-bumper traffic to the boss handing you an urgent assignment at the end of the day, to unruly children, bills that are piling up, worries about medical tests, failing grades, and countless other things, stress is unavoidable. Chronic stress, on […]