George Metesky – Understanding the Mental Health Causes

George Metesky - Mental Health Factors

“Con Edison crooks–this is for you.” F.P. This note accompanied a bomb found on a first-floor window sill of the New York City Consolidated Edison plant in 1940. Rudimentary in design, the bomb consisted of a brass pipe stuffed with gunpowder. Detectives believed F.P. planned to ignite the bomb by initiating a chemical reaction within […]

Conflict Averse? How to Stand Up for Your Wellbeing

Conflict Adverse - How to stand up for your wellbeing

For many people, conflict is something to stay away from. You may be willing to put up with some injustices to avoid rocking the boat and potentially upsetting friends, family members or coworkers. However, while compromise is a key component to healthy relationship dynamics, conflict avoidance is profoundly different than this normal give-and-take. It disrupts […]

Mycotoxins, Mold, and Your Mental Health

Mycotoxins and Mold and Mental Health

Your mental health can change dramatically in response to the world around you. Most people know how stress and major life events can affect them, but even factors like diet or how clean their bedrooms are can have some noticeable impacts. But other elements could be influencing your mental health—without you even knowing. Mycotoxins are […]

Reactive Depression

Reactive Depression - What to know

Have you ever gone through a period when you felt unusually down? You may have been experiencing symptoms of the disorder known as “major depression” or “major depressive disorder.” It is also possible that your depressive symptoms were a form of “reactive” or “situational” depression in response to stress, trauma, or a major life event. […]

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Persistent Depressive Disorder

If you’ve heard the term “persistent depressive disorder,” you may’ve wondered whether it is a phenomenon from pop psychology or a real diagnosable condition. While persistent depressive disorder (PDD) may not be as debilitating as major depressive disorder, it is a legitimate psychological disorder and one that is highly treatable. Defining Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) […]

Catastrophizing: What Is It… Sign of Mental Illness?

Catastrophizing: What Is It ... Sign of Mental Illness?

Do you think the sky is falling when you know it is not? Is your natural tendency to believe the most straightforward problems are catastrophes? You might be prone to catastrophizing. But what does catastrophizing mean, and is it a sign of mental illness? Defining Catastrophizing and Its Psychological Impact Catastrophizing in psychology refers to […]

Why Am I So Anxious All the Time?

Why Am I So Anxious All the Time?

Does it seem like more people are anxious and strung-out today? Anxiety and causes of chronic anxiety are commonly googled phrases about mood issues and their connection to further mental health problems. Learning about managing persistent anxiety and effective anxiety management strategies may help. Understanding Persistent Anxiety Anxiety disorders, which affect more than 280 million […]