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Catastrophizing: What Is It… Sign of Mental Illness?

Catastrophizing: What Is It ... Sign of Mental Illness?

Do you think the sky is falling when you know it is not? Is your natural tendency to believe the most straightforward problems are catastrophes? You might be prone to catastrophizing. But what does catastrophizing mean, and is it a sign of mental illness? Defining Catastrophizing and Its Psychological Impact Catastrophizing in psychology refers to […]

Why Am I So Depressed All the Time?

Why am i constantly depressed

Depression is a mood disorder affecting how an individual thinks and feels. Sadness and other symptoms of depression can interfere with activities such as school, work, and sleep and can also get in the way of maintaining healthy relationships. Depression is more common than you may think, and people experience different types. Some people may […]

“It’s Complicated”: Schizophrenia and Relationships

"It's Complicated": Schizophrenia and Relationships

Romantic relationships are complex and can be challenging to navigate. When a mental health condition is involved, such as schizophrenia, issues may arise that you and your partner don’t know how to handle. For example, dating with schizophrenia can make it difficult to effectively communicate and meet your partner’s needs, especially if you aren’t familiar […]

Going ‘No-Contact’ with Family: Mental Health Considerations

Going 'No-Contact' with Family: Mental Health Considerations

There’s a new trend emerging online of people sharing their reasons for going “no-contact” with parents (or other family members). People have been revealing how cutting off familial relationships has sometimes been the healthiest thing they could do for their overall well-being. A recent study from Cornell University found that 27% of American adults are […]

What Is Somatic Exercises vs Meditation

What Is Somatic Exercises vs Meditation

If you’re familiar with holistic wellness, you might recognize the term “somatic.” First coined in the 1970s, somatics are practices that regulate the body by facilitating a mind-body connection. Somatic meditation and somatic exercises are just two of the forms. While somatic meditation and exercises are based on the same principle, they have their differences. […]