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How to Take a Leave of Absence for Your Mental Health

How take a leave of absence for your mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet in the workforce, it hardly gets the same attention. According to a 2023 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), only 15% of those surveyed reported that their workplace had company-wide policies for mental health days. However, when the US Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace […]

The Most Common Issues Women Bring Up in Therapy

Women face many societal pressures and expectations. On one hand, women receive the message that they must enter the workforce and thrive within it. On the other, they must also be a good mother who’s available to her children and a good wife. When it feels like society expects perfection, but perfection feels unattainable, that […]

How Workday Breaks Improve Mental Performance

How Taking breaks improves mental performance

Work can take a toll on psychological wellness, but incorporating workday breaks benefits mental performance. Breaks during the workday help increase productivity and boost overall well-being. Below, we’ll explore this link between workday breaks and mental performance enhancement. The Benefits of Workday Breaks: What They Are and the Benefits No one can work well for […]

Catastrophizing: What Is It… Sign of Mental Illness?

Catastrophizing: What Is It ... Sign of Mental Illness?

Do you think the sky is falling when you know it is not? Is your natural tendency to believe the most straightforward problems are catastrophes? You might be prone to catastrophizing. But what does catastrophizing mean, and is it a sign of mental illness? Defining Catastrophizing and Its Psychological Impact Catastrophizing in psychology refers to […]

How to Stop Worrying about Things You Can’t Control

How to Stop Worrying about Things You Can't Control

Worry is an inescapable part of life. It’s normal to worry about a past-due bill, an upcoming job interview or the new sound coming from your car’s engine. In these cases, those anxious feelings motivate you to act in your best interest and fix problems before they grow. However, for many people, feelings of worry […]

Why Am I So Angry All the Time?

Why am i always angry?

Anger is a strange and complex emotion. Some experts view anger as an extension of the fight-flight-or-freeze response. By reducing other behavioral, cognitive, and psychological functions, anger allows us to face certain dangers more effectively. At the same time, too much anger can isolate someone socially, cause them to lash out at loved ones, or […]

Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the New Year

Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the New Year

Prioritizing mental health may be a New Year’s resolution for many people—especially if this past year has been emotionally challenging or if you struggle with depression or anxiety. How do you prioritize your mental health, though? The following ideas may provide some help and inspiration. A Fresh Start: Making Mental Health a Priority in the […]

A Year-End Reflection on Your Mental Health Journey

A Year-End Reflection on Your Mental Health Journey

Over the past year, you’ve made strides in your mental health journey—sometimes in big leaps, and at other times, slow, painstaking steps. For most people, progress doesn’t come in life-changing epiphanies but in slowly adopting day-to-day habits that move you toward your goals. For that reason, it can be difficult to recognize the difference between […]