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Catastrophizing: What Is It… Sign of Mental Illness?

Catastrophizing: What Is It ... Sign of Mental Illness?

Do you think the sky is falling when you know it is not? Is your natural tendency to believe the most straightforward problems are catastrophes? You might be prone to catastrophizing. But what does catastrophizing mean, and is it a sign of mental illness? Defining Catastrophizing and Its Psychological Impact Catastrophizing in psychology refers to […]

How to Stop Worrying about Things You Can’t Control

How to Stop Worrying about Things You Can't Control

Worry is an inescapable part of life. It’s normal to worry about a past-due bill, an upcoming job interview or the new sound coming from your car’s engine. In these cases, those anxious feelings motivate you to act in your best interest and fix problems before they grow. However, for many people, feelings of worry […]

Why Am I So Angry All the Time?

Why am i always angry?

Anger is a strange and complex emotion. Some experts view anger as an extension of the fight-flight-or-freeze response. By reducing other behavioral, cognitive, and psychological functions, anger allows us to face certain dangers more effectively. At the same time, too much anger can isolate someone socially, cause them to lash out at loved ones, or […]

Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the New Year

Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the New Year

Prioritizing mental health may be a New Year’s resolution for many people—especially if this past year has been emotionally challenging or if you struggle with depression or anxiety. How do you prioritize your mental health, though? The following ideas may provide some help and inspiration. A Fresh Start: Making Mental Health a Priority in the […]

A Year-End Reflection on Your Mental Health Journey

A Year-End Reflection on Your Mental Health Journey

Over the past year, you’ve made strides in your mental health journey—sometimes in big leaps, and at other times, slow, painstaking steps. For most people, progress doesn’t come in life-changing epiphanies but in slowly adopting day-to-day habits that move you toward your goals. For that reason, it can be difficult to recognize the difference between […]

Growing Up with a Hoarder Parent

Growing Up with a Hoarder Parent

“I was so embarrassed and ashamed of how we lived that a knock on the door terrified me.” “We regularly had to eat meals standing up, because the kitchen table was inundated with piles and piles of stuff.” The effects of a hoarding problem can extend to one’s children, creating mental health challenges for the […]

Mental Health Responses to Mass Shootings

Mass Shooting Mental Health impact

Stories of mass shootings are tragically commonplace in the United States. There isn’t a week that goes by without a gut-wrenching story in the news about another senseless act of violence. In 2022 alone, the Gun Violence Archive recorded 647 mass shootings in the United States. As of mid-November of 2023, the nation has seen […]

Songs You May Not Have Known Are about Depression

Songs about mental health depression

Depression has a grip on millions of people. Far more than feeling sad, depression can leave you feeling hopeless, apathetic, and worthless. And despite the condition being so widespread, it often feels like other people just don’t understand what it’s like. For listeners and creators alike, music offers a way to manage feelings we otherwise […]

Stalking on Social Media a Sign of Mental Illness?

Stalking on Social Media a Sign of Mental Illness?

We often joke with our friends about “stalking” their profiles, which usually involves nothing more than swiping through their photos and seeing what they’re up to. Pretty much everyone on social media does this to some extent and it is usually harmless. However, actual cyberstalking is a serious crime that can have terrible outcomes for […]