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Going ‘No-Contact’ with Family: Mental Health Considerations

Going 'No-Contact' with Family: Mental Health Considerations

There’s a new trend emerging online of people sharing their reasons for going “no-contact” with parents (or other family members). People have been revealing how cutting off familial relationships has sometimes been the healthiest thing they could do for their overall well-being. A recent study from Cornell University found that 27% of American adults are […]

What Is Somatic Exercises vs Meditation

What Is Somatic Exercises vs Meditation

If you’re familiar with holistic wellness, you might recognize the term “somatic.” First coined in the 1970s, somatics are practices that regulate the body by facilitating a mind-body connection. Somatic meditation and somatic exercises are just two of the forms. While somatic meditation and exercises are based on the same principle, they have their differences. […]

A Killer’s Mind: Sacramento Vampire Richard Chase

A Killer's Mind: Sacramento Vampire Richard Chase

While it isn’t uncommon for serial killers to have mental health or personality disorder diagnoses, certain cases stand out from the rest. Undoubtedly, one of those is Richard Trenton Chase, the infamous “Vampire of Sacramento.” Notorious for the murder and mutilation of six victims in late-70s Sacramento, CA, he became a symbol of fatal madness. […]

CBT for Chronic Pain? How Therapy Helps

CBT for Chronic Pain? How Therapy Helps

According to the CDC, an estimated 51.6 million people in the United States experienced chronic pain in 2021. That’s no small number, and it’s no small problem. Chronic pain can be debilitating for those who experience it, affecting their ability to work, maintain relationships and enjoy life the way they deserve. Fortunately, there are viable […]

Family Secrets: Addiction and Related Stigma

Addiction and related Stigmas

It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one struggle to control their drug or alcohol use. While the descent toward addiction can be rapid, its effects tend to be devastating and lasting. Such grave consequences can be shocking and humiliating, making addiction one of the best-kept secrets in many families. However, addiction doesn’t just affect the […]

What Is “Toxic Shame”?

What Is "Toxic Shame"?

Toxic shame is an enveloping feeling of worthlessness that results from internalizing the way other people treat you. It’s different from regular shame. Rather than being situational and based on regretting specific actions or behaviors, it’s pervasive and all-encompassing. It often develops during your formative years, when you’re most vulnerable to criticism and other negative […]

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Of the many mental tools available for ensuring a happy, healthy lifestyle, your mindset is arguably the most important. That’s why negativity bias can be so devastating. In short, the “mental tone” you adopt when absorbing information and planning will affect your desired outcome. Here’s how to spot and avoid one of the most common […]