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A Killer’s Mind: Inside the Richardson Family Murders

A Killer's Mind: Inside the Richardson Family Murders

No one in the small Canadian city of Medicine Hat could have predicted what would happen to the Richardson family on April 22, 2006. The internet and social media were still in their early stages, and internet safety wasn’t yet a prominent concern. Teenagers everywhere suddenly had the ability to connect with people who seemingly […]

A Killer’s Mind: Son of Sam’s Mental Health Status

A Killer's Mind: Son of Sam's Mental Health Status

The Son of Sam killer was one of the world’s most prolific killers, evading police capture for a year. After shooting his victims, he would write cryptic letters to the police, signing them “Son of Sam.” David Berkowitz’s reign of terror spanned 13 months, resulting in six dead and others wounded. He struck fear into […]

The 12 Most Horrible Mental Health Treatments in History

Horrible mental health treatments from history

We are lucky to live in a time when mental health is taken seriously by most, and there are scientifically backed treatments available to patients. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. Throughout time, mental illness has perplexed scientists and doctors, which has led to strange and even dangerous asylum treatments. Here are 12 of the […]

Growing Up with a Parent with ADHD

Growing up with a parent with adhd

Although most of us have heard about the problems ADHD can cause children, fewer people are aware that the condition can persist into adulthood. According to recent studies, almost 7% of adults have symptomatic adult ADHD. In addition, around 70% of these experience issues with emotional dysregulation that include irritability and anger, which can significantly […]

Oppenheimer, the Genius and his Mental Health

Oppenheimer's mental health

Before Julius Robert Oppenheimer became known as the “father of the atomic bomb,” he showed prodigious intelligence from a young age. The young man would later be one of the brightest students in his class at Harvard before going on to change the science field and the world forever. Behind Oppenheimer’s intelligence, however, lay a […]

3 Dietary Tips for Improving Mental Health

Dietary Tips for Improving Mental Health

Updated August 7, 2023 The foods you eat can directly affect your mental health. This is sometimes referred to as the gut-brain axis. Just like a car that works best on premium fuel, your brain functions best when you provide it with the necessary ingredients to fight mental health issues. Consider some of the following […]