List of Phobias – A to Z

List of Phobias - From a to Z

The sense of fear that comes from someone or something posing an immediate threat to your well-being or survival is a rational fear. Whether that threat is a vicious dog or a burglar with a gun, fear is meant to compel you to take actions that increase your chances of survival.

When you experience extreme fear of someone or something that does not pose an immediate threat to your survival, that fear may be considered irrational. The psychological term for an irrational fear is phobia.

Many people have mild phobias that do not interfere with their daily activities. For example, you may feel uncomfortable in the dark so you place nightlights throughout your house. Another person might feel slightly anxious when they get on an elevator and the doors close. However, they can manage their anxiety by telling themselves the doors will open in a few seconds. In other words, fearing the closed doors of an elevator doesn’t stop them from using an elevator.

Criteria for Diagnosing Phobia

The DSM-V outlines specific symptoms necessary for a clinical diagnosis of phobia:

  • Anxiety and fear that is disproportionate to the actual threat or danger posed by a certain situation, object, or individual
  • Rigid avoidance of the phobic situation
  • Feeling intense distress, panic, and anxiety when confronted with the phobia
  • Significant disruption to the individual’s routine, occupational performance, social activities, or relationships occurs due to avoidance of the phobia.
  • Avoidance behavior, accompanied by anxiety and fear, persists for at least six months
  • Phobic symptoms cannot be attributed to another mental illness, such as PTSD or separation anxiety disorder
    A classic example of a phobia that may seriously interfere with a person’s life is agoraphobia. People with agoraphobia can be so terrified of crowds and public spaces that they refuse to leave their homes and become housebound.

Treatment for Phobia

Standard treatment options for phobias include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications. Systematic desensitization therapy is a form of behavioral therapy that involves gradually exposing the individual to the feared object or situation while teaching relaxation techniques. The goal of systemic desensitization therapy is to replace the anxiety response with more relaxed response by showing the person that their phobia poses no real danger to themselves or others.

List of Phobias: A to Z


Aerophobia – fear of flying

Achluophobia – fear of darkness

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Ailurophobia – fear of cats (either domesticated or wild)

Aichmophobia – fear of pointed objects, like needles, knives, and safety pins

Algophobia – fear of pain

Androphobia – fear of men (could include fear of male mannequins or pictures of male faces)

Anthophobia – fear of flowers

Aphenphosmphobi – fear of being touched (could be people, animals, plants, or inanimate objects)

Autophobia – fear of being alone

Arachnophobia – fear of spiders

Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning

Arithmophobia – fear of numbers

Anthrophobia – fear of people (fear could involve making eye contact, crowds, and extreme anxiety about being judged by others)

Aquaphobia – fear of water

Astrophobia – fear of the stars, the universe, and/or space

Automatonophobia – fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, wax figures, or animatronic-type robots


Botanophobia – fear of plants

Batrachophobia – fear of amphibians (toads, frogs, salamanders, and newts)

Bathmophobia – fear of steep hills or slopes; fear of stairs (could include small stepladders or anything with a series of stairsteps)

Bibliophobia – fear of books, or anything associated with a book, such as the spine, pages, or covers


Cynophobia – fear of dogs

Chionophobia – fear of snow

Coulrophobia -fear of clowns

Chromophobia – fear of colors

Chronophobia – fear of time and/or clocks, watches or other timepieces

Chirophobia – fear of hands

Cyberphobia – fear of computers or technology

Catoptrophobia – fear of mirrors

Cacophobia – fear of ugliness or ugly things

Cyberchondria – fear of having a serious health problem based on online research

Chorophobia – fear of dancing (usually watching others dance or watching videos of people dancing)

Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed places; fear of being trapped in an enclosed space with no way out

Chiroptophobia – fear of bats


Domatophobia – fear of houses

Dementophobia – fear of insanity or going insane

Dipsophobia – fear of drinking alcohol or being around alcohol

Dishabiliophobia – fear of undressing in front of someone

Daemonophobia – fear of demons or other demonic supernatural entities

Dendrophobia – fear of trees

Dentophobia – fear of dentists or dental procedures (one of the most common phobias reported in the U.S.)

Decidophobia – fear of making decisions

Dromophobia – fear of crossing streets

Dolichophobia – fear of long things

Doraphobia – fear of fur or skins of animals


Ecclesiophobia – fear of churches

Emetophobia – fear of vomiting

Eisoptrophobia – fear of mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror

Eosophobia – fear of dawn or daylight

Equinophobia – fear of horses

Erotophobia – fear of sexual love

Entomophobia – fear of insects

Erythrophobia – fear of the color red


Frigophobia – fear of cold or cold things

Febriphobia – fear of having a fever or of being around someone with a fever


Galeophobia – fear of sharks

Glossophobia – fear of public speaking

Gynophobia – fear of women

Gymnophobia – fear of nudity

Gerontophobia – fear of aging or growing old

Graphophobia – fear of writing or handwriting

Genuphobia – fear of knees and/or kneeling or seeing someone kneel

Gephyrophobia – fear of bridges


Hemophobia – fear of blood

Hydrophobia – fear of water

Heliophobia – fear of the sun or sunlight

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – fear of the number 666

Homophobia – fear of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual

Hypnophobia – fear of sleep or of being hypnotized

Hypochondria -fear of getting sick, being sick, or being exposed to infections


Ichthyophobia – fear of fish

Iatrophobia – fear of doctors, going to the doctor, and/or medical procedures associated with visiting a physician

Insectophobia – fear of insects

Iophobia – fear of poison or being poisoned

Iridophobia – fear of rainbows

Iatrophobia – fear of going to the doctor

Isopterophobia – fear of termites


Japanophobia – fear of anything Japanese, such as people, culture, and architectural styles

Juleophobia – fear of Christmas


Koinoniphobia – fear of rooms full of people

Koniophobia – fear of dust

Kymophobia – fear of waves or wave-like motions

Kleptophobia – fear of stealing

Kinetophobia – fear of movement or motion

Kainophobia – fear of anything new

Koumpounophobia – fear of buttons on clothing


Lachanophobia – fear of vegetables

Leukophobia – fear of the color white

Ligyrophobia – fear of loud noises

Lilapsophobia – fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

Limnophobia – fear of lakes

Linonophobia – fear of string

Lockiophobia – fear of childbirth


Mageirocophobia – fear of cooking

Megalophobia – fear of large things

Melissophobia – fear of bees

Merinthophobia – fear of being bound or tied up

Metallophobia – fear of metal

Meteorophobia – fear of meteors

Microphobia – fear of small things

Mysophobia – fear of dirt or germs

Musophobia – fear of mice or rats

Myrmecophobia – fear of ants

Melanophobia – fear of the color black


Necrophobia – fear of death or dead things

Nelophobia – fear of glass

Nephophobia – fear of clouds

Nosocomephobia – fear of hospitals

Nomophobia – fear of being without a mobile phone

Nyctohylophobia – fear of dark wooded areas

Numerophobia – fear of numbers


Obesophobia – fear of gaining weight

Ombrophobia – fear of rain

Ommetaphobia – fear of eyes

Oneirophobia – fear of dreams

Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes

Ornithophobia – fear of birds

Octophobia – fear of the figure 8

Omphalophobia – fear of belly buttons

Ophthalmophobia – fear of being stared at


Papyrophobia – fear of paper

Pedophobia – fear of children

Pteronophobia – fear of feathers

Pharmacophobia – fear of medications

Podophobia – fear of feet

Pogonophobia – fear of beards

Porphyrophobia – fear of the color purple

Pyrophobia – fear of fire

Pediophobia – fear of dolls

Placophobia – fear of tombstones

Planophobia – fear of the number 13

Pnigophobia – fear of choking or being smothered

Paraskavedekatriaphobia – fear of Friday the 13th

Phasmophobia – fear of ghosts, phantoms, and spectral apparitions

Phonophobia – fear of loud noises, such as firecrackers or explosions


Rhytiphobia – fear of getting wrinkles

Retasophobia – fear of hair

Rhinophobia – fear of noses

Rhombophobia – fear of rhombus shapes


Scolionophobia – fear of school

Sciophobia or Sciaphobia – fear of shadows

Selenophobia – fear of the moon

Sesquipedalophobia – fear of long words

Siderodromophobia – fear of trains or railroads

Sinistrophobia – fear of things to the left or left-handed

Spheksophobia – fear of wasps

Staurophobia – fear of crosses or crucifixes

Symmetrophobia – fear of symmetry


Taeniophobia – fear of tapeworms

Taphophobia – fear of being buried alive

Technophobia – fear of technology

Tachophobia – fear of speed

Thalassophobia – fear of the sea

Thanatophobia – fear of death or dying

Theophobia – fear of gods or religion

Thermophobia – fear of heat

Tomophobia – fear of surgery

Trypophobia – fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes

Turophobia – fear of cheese


Uranophobia – fear of heaven

Urophobia – fear of urine or urinating

Ursaphobia – fear of bears


Vehophobia – fear of driving

Vestiphobia – fear of clothing

Verminophobia – fear of germs


Wiccaphobia – fear of witches and witchcraft


Xenophobia – fear or dislike of people from other countries or cultures

Xanthophobia – fear of the color yellow


Zeusophobia – fear of God or gods (could be ancient or modern deities)

Zoophobia – fear of animals