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Self-Harm: Understanding and Overcoming the Struggle

Understanding Self-Harm and the struggles it brings

Trigger Warning: The topic of this article may be triggering for some readers. Caution is advised. Stories about individuals inflicting harm on themselves may be difficult to hear. But these occurrences are both a cry for help and a reminder that much more must be done to increase self-harm awareness and how people can help […]

Why Am I So Angry All the Time?

Why am i always angry?

Anger is a strange and complex emotion. Some experts view anger as an extension of the fight-flight-or-freeze response. By reducing other behavioral, cognitive, and psychological functions, anger allows us to face certain dangers more effectively. At the same time, too much anger can isolate someone socially, cause them to lash out at loved ones, or […]

How to Conquer a Fear of Heights

Conquering a fear of heights

Fear plays a critical role when it comes to our survival, motivating us to maintain a safe environment and minimize exposure to threats. While a certain dose of fear is healthy and beneficial, occasionally, this emotional response kicks into overdrive and becomes disruptive. In general, the more control over our environment we have, the safer […]