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How Bipolar Disorder Makes Relationships More Difficult

How bipolar makes relationships more difficult

Every relationship comes with its own set of complications, but if you or your partner has bipolar disorder, it may cause a lot of emotional turbulence. Not knowing what to expect on a daily basis or how to communicate with your partner are the top reasons why bipolar relationships fail. Understanding this mental health condition, […]

What Is Self-Isolating in PTSD?

Self Isolating in PTSD

The link between PTSD and social anxiety is undeniable, and many people living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) isolate themselves as a result. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with PTSD and notice signs of social withdrawal, it’s important to understand how to approach them about this sensitive topic and ways […]

“My Antidepressant Makes Me Nauseous”— Why?

My Anti depressant makes me sick

Antidepressant SSRI medications can cause several side effects, including feelings of nausea. After taking an antidepressant, a user may experience a sensation in their stomach, such as uneasiness. The feeling can make the individual feel like they are about to be physically sick. Lexapro nausea and Zoloft nausea (sertraline nausea), to name a few, occur […]

What Is Pica Disorder?

Pica Disorder - What is it

Pica can commonly occur with pregnancy, but the disorder may also arise outside this nine-month period. Characteristic symptoms of pica, a type of eating disorder, include the consumption of items that aren’t food — such as ice, paper or chalk. If you’ve heard of pica or wonder why you’ve experienced strange cravings for non-edible items, […]

My Antidepressant Makes Me Lazy/Unmotivated— Why?

My Antidepressants make me lazy

During the first weeks of taking a new antidepressant, you may experience unpleasant side effects, including nausea, weight gain or sleeping problems. Many people report improvement with side effects after a few weeks, but ongoing drowsiness and fatigue can make it difficult to manage daily responsibilities, such as concentrating at work or school. Does Lexapro […]

Oppenheimer, the Genius and his Mental Health

Oppenheimer's mental health

Before Julius Robert Oppenheimer became known as the “father of the atomic bomb,” he showed prodigious intelligence from a young age. The young man would later be one of the brightest students in his class at Harvard before going on to change the science field and the world forever. Behind Oppenheimer’s intelligence, however, lay a […]

5 Calming Supplements for Anxiety

Calming supplements for anxiety

Learning how to manage your anxiety levels can help you cope with traumatic life events, work-related pressure and other life-changing situations. Stress and anxiety are the leading causes of diseases such as heart attacks, obesity and strokes. Taking control of your mental health by taking supplements for anxiety can lessen the risk of stress-related conditions. […]