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The Attention Seeking Facets of Histrionic Disorder

Histrionic Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is also known as an attention-seeking disorder, which is an apt description. People with this disorder live for attention and will do whatever they can to stay in the spotlight. Their sense of self-worth is dependent on the approval of others. HPD sufferers are viewed as overly dramatic, emotional and unpredictable. […]

What Is Munchausens Syndrome, and Is It a Mental Ilness?

What is munchausens syndrome - is it mental illness

Throughout Mary’s childhood, her father Joe was chronically ill and would lie in his darkened room for weeks at a time. Joe would go to the emergency room complaining of headaches. Many tests were run, but the results always came back normal. The entire household revolved around Joe’s care: the family’s diet, activities, noise level, […]

The Intriguing Link Between Depression and Memory

Link between memory and depression

Depression can be a debilitating illness that affects different areas of your life. One often-overlooked aspect of depression is its impact on memory. Can depression cause memory loss? It can be difficult to quantify and measure the effects of depression on memory, but there’s evidence to suggest a link between the two. Recalling memories is […]

When Counting Calories Becomes an Obsession

Whe counting calories becomes an obsession

Most people have considered counting calories at some point in their adult lives. You might’ve focused on your calorie intake leading up to a significant life event, like a wedding or vacation, or simply felt the pressure to watch your weight as the summer months and swimsuit season approached. There are plenty of apps available […]

Histrionic Personality Disorder: What Is It?

Histrionic personality disorder

If you’ve ever known someone who always seemed like they needed to be the center of attention, had disproportionately dramatic reactions to events or seemed to use a lot of flowery words that didn’t convey much substance, you may already be familiar with some of the presentations of histrionic personality disorder (HPD). However, just like […]

The Eye-Opening Relationship Between Trauma and Music

Relationship between Trauma and music

A relationship between music and trauma isn’t a foreign concept. Even without knowing anything about the science, most people have an intuition about the bidirectional relationship between music and trauma. Studies show that musicians are three times more likely to suffer from depression than non-musicians. Moreover, music can be used as a therapeutic tool for […]

First Psychotropic Medication? What It Is and What to Expect

What is psychotropic medication? These medications are commonly used to treat mental health conditions, but there’s a lot of information people need to know before they take them. This guide reviews the definition of psychotropic medication, how it’s used and what you need to know about potential side effects.   The Rising Popularity of Psychotropic […]

How Treatment of Bipolar 1 Differs from BP-2

Bipolar 1 vs 2

Most people are familiar with the condition known as bipolar disorder. However, not everyone understands that there are two distinct diagnoses of bipolar disorder: bipolar 1 and bipolar 2. Although some may ask “Is bipolar 1 or 2 worse?” it’s not a question of which form is more severe. They’re each a separate diagnosis that […]

Do SSRIs Increase Your Risk of Hypomania?

Do SSRIs Increase Your Risk

You’re here because you’re wondering if antidepressants can cause bipolar episodes. Well, the answer can be a little complicated. Let’s look at the link between SSRIs, one of the most common types of antidepressants, and the risk of a hypomania episode.  Individuals who have bipolar are prone to depressive, manic and hypomanic episodes. When you’re […]