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Oppositional Defiant Disorder: What It Is and Diagnosis

What is oppositional Defiant Disorder

Learn what oppositional defiant disorder is. Explore ODD symptoms and treatments and find out why it’s important to get help for children with this disorder. All children may challenge authority or act out from time to time, but for kids and adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder, difficult behaviors are frequent and persistent. A child with […]

Growing Up with a Parent with Depression

Growing up with a depressed parent

Suffering from a mental health issue isn’t just tough on the person suffering from it — it’s a challenge for those closest to them as well. In particular, growing up with a depressed parent can be incredibly detrimental to the well-being and development of a child. In this post, we explore how clinical depression affects […]

Growing Up with a Parent Who Has Bipolar Disorder

Growing up in a safe and stable home is important for a child’s development. If a parent is struggling with an untreated mental illness such as bipolar disorder, a child may experience sadness or anger because they don’t understand what’s happening. The effects of growing up with a bipolar parent can be long-lasting and may […]

What Are the 4 Major Causes of Depression

Major Causes of Depression

Having depression can make it difficult to complete tasks, but what are the causes of depression? Four major categories may answer that. Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 21 million adults suffered from a major depressive episode […]

What Are the “4 Stages” of Bipolar Disorder?

Stages of Bipolar Disorder

The focus on bipolar disorder is often on the highs and lows, but there are definable stages of a typical bipolar cycle. Knowing what these stages are can help individuals understand what they’re going through, avoid triggers and manage their symptoms accordingly. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of the four stages of bipolar disorder. […]

The Link Between Bipolar Disorder and Shopping

Link Between Bipolar and Shopping

Are you bipolar and spending money on items you don’t need during a manic episode? If so, you’re not alone. Compulsive shopping is common among people diagnosed with bipolar disorder as part of their erratic behavior during a manic episode. Someone who’s bipolar and spending money on expensive items they don’t truly want or need […]

Pathological Lying – Associated Disorders

Pathological Lying and associated disorders

Everyone lies at some point in their life, whether to spare the feelings of another or avoid facing consequences for their actions. Small white lies usually aren’t harmful. However, telling major lies that negatively impact an individual’s life or the lives of others without understanding the harm they’re causing can indicate a problem. Pathological liars […]