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Pathological Lying – Associated Disorders

Pathological Lying and associated disorders

Everyone lies at some point in their life, whether to spare the feelings of another or avoid facing consequences for their actions. Small white lies usually aren’t harmful. However, telling major lies that negatively impact an individual’s life or the lives of others without understanding the harm they’re causing can indicate a problem. Pathological liars […]

Are Violent Crimes Up with Mental Illness on the Rise?

Are violent crimes related to mental illness

What are the real mental illness and violence facts you need to know? Find out what the relationship is between the rise in violent crime and mental health. Nearly one in five Americans (52.9 million) has some kind of mental illness. The vast majority of people with such a disorder live peacefully and generally don’t […]

3 Mental Disorders with Highest Rates of Suicide

Mental Health Disorders associated with suicide

Suicide is a tragic event that impacts thousands of Americans and their families annually. According to the CDC, suicide rates in the United States increased roughly 30% between 2000 and 2018. It’s a leading cause of death in America, with one person dying by suicide approximately every 11 minutes. Understanding what causes suicidal thoughts, which […]

Emotional Support Animals for Depression

Emotional Support Animals for depression

What’s the best emotional support animal for depression, and how can they help? Learn about different ESAs, their benefits and how to get one. When depression strikes, we can find comfort in the people around us — from licensed therapists to friends and family members. But what if you’ve exhausted all those support systems and […]

What Exactly is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Dissociative Disorder

Learn about dissociative disorder and how it can affect people. Find out what its symptoms are and what treatments are available. You may have seen dissociative disorder in a popular Hollywood film or best-selling novel, as fictional characters frequently have multiple personalities or forget who they are. People suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), one […]

Movie Depictions of Schizophrenia That Are More Accurate

Movie Depictions of Schizophrenia that are more Accurate

Movies rarely portray mental illnesses well. If they aren’t making fun of people with mental conditions, they mix up the symptoms purely for dramatic flare or as a plot device. More often than not, movies with characters with schizophrenia fall into the latter category, focusing more on sensationalizing the condition rather than showing the nuanced […]

How You Can Be Emotionally Stuck at the Age of Trauma

Emotionally stuck at age of trauma

Picture yourself at a social outing with your closest friends and acquaintances. In the company of those we’re comfortable with, we often let our defenses down, opening ourselves to playful banter and friendly ribbing. However, in the midst of all the innocent fun, you feel one of their jabs cut a little too deep. Are […]

The Attention Seeking Facets of Histrionic Disorder

Histrionic Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is also known as an attention-seeking disorder, which is an apt description. People with this disorder live for attention and will do whatever they can to stay in the spotlight. Their sense of self-worth is dependent on the approval of others. HPD sufferers are viewed as overly dramatic, emotional and unpredictable. […]

What Is Munchausens Syndrome, and Is It a Mental Ilness?

What is munchausens syndrome - is it mental illness

Throughout Mary’s childhood, her father Joe was chronically ill and would lie in his darkened room for weeks at a time. Joe would go to the emergency room complaining of headaches. Many tests were run, but the results always came back normal. The entire household revolved around Joe’s care: the family’s diet, activities, noise level, […]

The Intriguing Link Between Depression and Memory

Link between memory and depression

Depression can be a debilitating illness that affects different areas of your life. One often-overlooked aspect of depression is its impact on memory. Can depression cause memory loss? It can be difficult to quantify and measure the effects of depression on memory, but there’s evidence to suggest a link between the two. Recalling memories is […]